1 February 2023

Sprigg Salon: Why Dinosaurs Died & Birds Survived



General admission: $17

Concession: $14

Museum Members: $12

Child (5-12 years): FREE

Preview of the Six Extinction exhibition at 5pm: $5

The meteorite that struck the Earth 66 million years ago wrought global cataclysm and wiped out three-quarters of the species on Earth, including all the non-avian dinosaurs. But why did the birds survive, and what did they do next?

Join the South Australian Museum for our February Sprigg Salon as Professor Mike Lee discusses new research on the famous Cretaceous mass extinction and how it changed life on Earth. You'll also have the opportunity to preview the blockbuster Six Extinctions exhibition between 5pm and 6pm for just $5!

Mike Lee is a Professor at Flinders University and a Senior Research Scientist at the South Australian Museum, and a former Fulbright Fellow. He is a world expert in reptile evolution and biodiversity science, and has co-authored over 200 research papers, including 17 ground-breaking works in Nature and Science.

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