26 November 2022 - 5 February 2023
World Premiere of Six Extinctions at the SA Museum

Six Extinctions


General admission: $14

Concession: $12

Member: $8

Children (5-12 years): $8

Family*: $50

Child (under 5 years): FREE

Companion Card: FREE

*(2 adults, and up to 3 children 5-12 years)

The death of the dinosaurs is the most famous extinction, but it is only one of the five past mass extinction events that have decimated life on our planet.

Six Extinctions is an exciting new blockbuster exhibition premiering at the South Australian Museum that follows the history of life through the five major mass extinction events on Earth. An extinction happens when an entire species completely disappears. It is believed that over 99% of all species that have ever lived are now extinct. The normal ebb and flow of life means that as new species evolve, older species regularly fade away; however, mass extinction events are out of the ordinary. 

An extinction event is considered a mass extinction when at least 75% of all species on the planet, spanning most animal groups, die out in a relatively short space of geologic time (e.g. less than 2 million years).  While they have extinguished many forms of life, they have also paved the way for new organisms to emerge: if not for the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs, we would not be here today.

From asteroid impacts to global warming, these catastrophic events are a natural part of life on Earth. However, our current extinction is extraordinary in that it has been caused by a single species - us. This exhibition explores “The Big Five” mass extinctions throughout Earth’s history and looks at the current extinction crisis, the Sixth Extinction and what we can do to help.

Meet some of the top predators of each geological period, including the largest Tyrannosaurus rex ever found! 

Sensory Warning

Six Extinctions includes some high sensory areas including timed and repetitive sounds, videos, lighting effects, and a small sectional of optional vibrating floor plates. Please contact feedback@samuseum.sa.gov.au or ask our friendly staff if you need any assistance navigating the exhibition.

Sensory Considerations:

  • Six Extinctions features video, sound, and lighting effects that can be loud and at times repetitive. You may wish to bring ear plugs or other aids for your visit. Free sensory backpacks, including noise-cancelling headsets, a soft toy, and some communication cards, are available for loan from the Museum front desk. These elements in the exhibition will be modified for our upcoming relaxed, sensory-friendly evening at the Museum.

Vibrating Floor Plates:

  • The optional vibrating floor plates require physical engagement that may not be accessible to all visitors.

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Six Extinctions Survey Terms and conditions:

Promotion opens 10.00am ACST Friday 25 November 2022 and closes 5.00pm ACST Sunday 5 February 2023. One competition entry per one completed survey response. Prize is 1 x AUD $100 South Australian Museum Shop gift voucher. Prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Winner will be notified via email by 10 February 2023 and has 30 days from notice to confirm their acceptance of the prize via return email. If the winner has not confirmed within 30 days of their intention to accept the prize, the prize will be forfeited and the South Australian Museum will choose a new winner from the original entry list. Winner must collect prize from the South Australian Museum, North Terrace, Adelaide.

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